Sunday, May 10, 2009

13P approach to Strategic Marketing Plans (Precursor to he 22P Model)

This was how the 22P Model looked 4 years ago...(2009)...

99% of companies believe that they don’t have enough marketing money to spend. Yet 100% of companies will eventually fail if they don’t spend enough on marketing. So how do you market on a shoestring budget?
I recommend a simplified, but comprehensive approach to your marketing planning. This is often referred to as the 13P’s approach. The first 7 of the 13Ps are related closely to marketing and are discussed here...
  1. Potential Market- Includes Universe of Customers, Competitors and Stakeholders
  2. Primary Target Market- who will benefit most from your product/ service
  3. Position- what unique message are you telling your PTM (primary market)
  4. Product- what needs, wants, expectations does your product solve
  5. Price- how much do you charge
  6. Place- where/how is your product available to its market
  7. Promo- how are you communicating to your PTM (covers advertising, sales promotions, personal selling, public relations and direct marketing)
If you spend time to really put down your 13Ps and compare this to what your primary market can get from its competitors 13Ps, then you have made a major step in identifying how to spend your shoestring marketing budget effectively.

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