Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 Things You Can Do Tomorrow on a Shoestring Marketing Budget

Regardless of business size, there are 10 things that you can do tomorrow to effectively market on a shoestring budget. Details of these are available during the "Marketing on A Shoestring" seminar.
  1. Google your company’s name, its products, your name and your competitors.
  2. Create a positive 24/7 web presence for your company, products, your name. Set-up multiple and regularly updated websites and blogs.
  3. Develop or join the “nets” that will link you to your customers.
  4. Implement the 13P approach to strategic marketing planning. (See next article below)
  5. Leverage the positive impact of your efforts. Multiply!
  6. Inspire “word of mouth” advertising. Team up with opinion leaders & initiate events that create awareness and encourages trial.
  7. Boost credibility & brand equity. Consider co-branding projects.
  8. Establish long term relationships. Use multiple touch points. Build actionable databases of emails, addresses and phone numbers.
  9. Utilize your unused capacity to encourage product trials.
  10. Measure and analyze cost-benefit of marketing activities.

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